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maximaum density limit of 10mm & coarse aggregate

Coarse Aggregate Specific Gravity | Pavement Interactive

Apr 22, 2011 ... The coarse aggregate specific gravity test (Figure 1) is used to calculate the ... Specific gravity is a measure of a material's density (mass per unit .... maximum theoretical specific gravity of the mixture ... Sample sizes range from 2000 g for a 0.5 inch (12.5 mm) NMAS to 5000 g for a 1.5 inch (37.5 mm) NMAS.

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density of coarse aggregate 20mm - YouTube

Feb 13, 2014 ... density of coarse 20mm aggregate - crusher south africawhat is the bulk density range for 10mm coarse aggregate ... difference between bulk...

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effect of coarse aggregate blending on fresh properties of self ...

This paper mainly focused on finding the optimization of coarse aggregate blending or proportion in ... Crushed granite stones of size 20mm and 10mm ... Most SCC applications have used coarse aggregate with a maximum size in the range of 16~20 mm ..... Density, Voids, Absorption and Bulking”, IS-2386 (Part III, 1963).

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What is the effect of coarse aggregate size in compressive strength ...

But this is valid only up to a certain limit, after which, the compres... ... in concrete with higher compaction and greater density. ... procedure that greater the maximum size of coarse aggregate used, less is ... What should be the ratio of 20mm to 10mm size aggregates used in a concrete mix for a RCC work?

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stage, while they influence strength, density, durability, permeability, surface finish and ... Size of aggregates: The nominal maximum size of coarse aggregate...

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4 Aggregate Specifications and Requirements - IN.gov

Section 904.02 defines the acceptable limits for all uses of fine aggregates. ... Coarse aggregates are divided into classes based on quality requirements as noted in the ... more specific restrictions for other harmful substances as a maximum.

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Concrete Mix Design - SlideShare

Mar 29, 2015 ... The ACI Method of Mix Design Type of Construction Range of slump mm .... Maximum aggregate / cement ratio • Maximum density of concrete in case of ...... of fine aggregate Sca10=Specific gravity of 10mm coarse aggregate...

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Oct 1, 2011 ... sieve(s) may be inserted to determine nominal maximum size. Maximum size is ... Bulk Density (“Unit Weight”) and Voids in Aggregate .... maintaining the required range of 16 to 27°C (60 to 80°F) during the entire initial curing.

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Vic Roads Asphalt Spec 407 - Alex Fraser Group

Coarse aggregates are aggregates retained on a 4.75 mm AS sieve. ... Voids free bulk density is the maximum theoretical density of an asphalt mix if it were possible to compact it ... (iii) comply with the grading limits specified in Table 407.032.

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Unit 3

In general, larger the maximum size of aggregate, smaller is the cement requirement for a ... proportions 1:2:4 means that cement, fine and coarse aggregate are in the ratio 1:2:4 or ... within the limits prescribed by IS 456:2000. ..... Optimum combination of coarse aggregates to meet the maximum density grading for mass.

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Paper in PDF - openscienceonline.com

Apr 10, 2015 ... aggregate and 10mm washed all-in gravel as coarse material as hundred percent .... values is far below the maximum limit of 2.50% recommended in ... The results of density of the concrete cube made from. 10mm washed...

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Presentation 25

Density, Marshall Stability, Flow,. Air Voids, Retained Stability, ... Related to Design Air Voids,. Per cent. Nominal. Maximum. Particle Size. (mm) ... mass of total mix. Nominal size of coarse. Aggregate. Thickness. Range. (mm). Application...

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dmrb volume 7 section 5 part 1 - hd 36/06 - Standards for Highways

Nov 1, 2006 ... gives guidance on the range of surfacing options that ... population density; ..... Table 3.2: Maximum AAV of Chippings, or Coarse Aggregates in Unchipped Surfaces, ..... 10mm lengths and low depths in the 10 to 50mm.

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Effect of different sizes of coarse aggregate on ... - IDC Technologies

20mm; 16mm; 12.5mm and 10mm) of coarse aggregate (C.A) on the ... The aggregate size has a direct effect on the density, voids, strength, .... flow times were in the range of 6-12sec. is recommended for a concrete to qualify as a SCC. ... be noted that maximum strength, in general, improved as the size of the C.A content...

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14. Evaluation of Compressive Strength by Non- Destructive ... - JEAD

this paper the effect of maximum size of aggregate (20mm and 10mm) size on the result of ultrasonic pulse velocity. .... varies in function of the density of the material, allowing the estimation of the porosity and ... Limits of Iraqi Specification No.45/1984. 20 ... Table (3): Grading of Coarse Aggregate with maximum size 10mm.

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Glossary - Impact Sand & Gravel

Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV)14mm – 10mm chippings subjected to 400 Kn. Loads evenly over 10 minutes. ... asphaltic concrete A mixture of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, liquid ... Bulk Density The volume occupied by an aggregate. ..... Maximum daily discharge limitation The highest allowable daily discharge of a...

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Engineering properties of lightweight concrete - Engineering and ...

coefficient for polystyrene aggregate concrete in the density range of 1600 to. 2000kg/m3 ... A maximum drying shrinkage value of 1000 microstrain was observed for ... 10mm and the fineness modulus of 6.95, was used as coarse aggregate.

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properties of geometrically cubical aggregates and its mixture design

The morphological properties of fine and coarse aggregates were analyzed and ... specifications limiting the percentage of flat and elongated allowed in the mix. .... of the aggregate specimens within the three size fractions; 20 -14mm, 14-10mm .... maximum density, 4% air void and 75% voids filled with asphalt (JKR, 2008).

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Mix Design for Pumped Concrete with PPC, OPC, OPC+Flyash

Effective pumping range varies from 90 to 400 meters horizontally, or 30 to 100 ... although small alterations in plastic and hardened density will be apparent and ... The shape of the coarse aggregate, whether crushed or uncrushed has an .... mm maximum size of aggregate and 2.5% for 10mm maximum size of aggregate.

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